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Cherishing Every Stage of Life

Knowing how truly sweet each moment of life is, I promise to come alongside  you during those first few romantic moments as husband and wife,  and also during the cute baby giggles and first steps! 

Whether you are planning your dream day,  having a baby, or just getting those special moments in life documented I would love to be there capturing your story. Moments in life are fleeting, but photographs allow you to cherish those moments for a lifetime.

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Hey my name is Violet and I'm so glad your here! Photography is my passion and nothing excites me more than getting to help document your memories! From the second I picked up a camera at a young age I loved the creative aspect of photography while also being able to connect with people and bring joy to their lives through the images I took.  My hope is to give you an experience that will touch your life and bring you joy!

VioletK Photography has been in business since 2015 and is here to support you! VioletK Photography is a team made up of Violet (head photographer) and her husband Jordan who primarily serves as seconder shooter at weddings and the best hype man on your wedding day! Got kids? With 3 littles of their own they are no stranger to the craziness of life and are ready with unique poses to help capture you and your family at your best, while getting all those cute authentic, candid moments!


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